Updated 04/13/21

I trust that you and your family are doing well through this very strange time. I know we all have adjustments to make for now, and the future of how we will all do our “normal” daily lives is still yet to be revealed. Now that the vaccine is available and being distributed, we have high hopes that we’ll be mostly back to normal by the Fall!

As new strains of the virus is surging in Oregon and beyond, we may to continue to adjust. You can check back here for more updates, or contact Jenny or your practitioner for clarification. As we all know, everything can change quickly, there are multiple strains of COVID-19, and people continue to be sloppy and resistant to safety protocol. We will continue to monitor the progress and update our plans here. 

Logistics for sessions due to COVID-19

Clearly we have to be more vigilant than we ever thought necessary.  Additionally, since we see many immunocompromised people in our office we need to ensurethe highest safety standards that we can. Therefore, we have been implementing all of the CDC protocols and will continue to monitor that and update as we are informed of new risks, procedures, and recommendations.  We are also practicing physical distancing and taking additional cues from Gov. Kate Brown, the Oregon Board of Massage, the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, the CDC, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Michael and Jenny have both been fully vaccinated, and James is still trying to get an appointment for the vaccine. 

Although current information coming out of the CDC says that once FULLY vaccinated, we can unmask around other people who are also FULLY vaccinated. However, in order to keep everyone safe, we have no plans to allow unmasked staff or clients in the office any time soon. COVID-19 can stay in the air, inside buildings for HOURS after someone who has it has been there and breathed. Plus we really don’t know if or how the vaccines will impact the new variants. Our highest priority is to keep everyone safe. 

What we need from you:

WEAR A MASK to the office. (This cannot be one with a valve.)

BRING YOUR OWN WATER WITH YOU.  We are reducing surfaces that can be touched, like magazines and pens, and this includes the water cooler. 

Text your practitioner when you arrive and stay in your car until we contact you with instructions since we don’t want anyone sitting in the waiting room or clients overlapping. If you need to use the bathroom before we text you back, you may do that (of course), but do not come into our office. We don’t have enough space to keep people six feet apart when more than one person is there. If the bathroom is locked, the code is “1200.”

We are employing touchless payments, so we will email you an invoice for payments.

To minimize risks for everyone and to assist with contact tracing, you will need to respond a digital questionnaire prior to your session. You will receive an email and text with a link at that time so you can fill it out. 

If for ANY reason either of us decide that we need to cancel based on the answers to the questions, even at the last minute, you will NOT be charged.  Safety first!!

Office protocols so far include:

All clients and practitioners will be required to wear masks at all times while in the office.  (Not the kind with valves.)

Clients will need to wash hands in the sink in the office immediately upon arriving, unless you just came from the bathroom where you did that.

We will open the suite door and internal doors for you to minimize touching surfaces.

We have a HEPA filter air purifier running in the suite.

Practitioners are scheduling extra time between clients to avoid close contact. This system isn’t perfect, so occasionally we might run late.

We will be cleaning and disinfecting between clients for all surfaces that were touched or could be touched, like chairs, counters, doorknobs, etc.

We have waterproof covers on pillows and massage tables to allow for thorough sterilizing.

We always wash all linens after they have been touched (including blankets).

We always wash our hands up past our elbows before and after every session.

If you would like to ask us similar personal questions so that YOU feel safe with us, we are all willing to answer them, and we completely understand.If you are in an “at risk” category (over age 60, immune-compromised, or heart and lung diseases), it may be advisable to speak to your practitioner prior to scheduling to discuss the risks/benefits of coming in for a session.

We are constantly updating this list and are open to suggestions.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while we navigate this strange and uncharted territory. If you have any questions (or suggestions), please reach out and ask. We are happy to discuss!

Be well……. stay safe out there!!