Updated 05/14/22

Logistics due to COVID-19

Everyone who works in the office has been fully vaccinated.  Everyone wears masks while in the office and all surfaces are sanitized between clients.

As a healthcare facility, we still require masks for everyone in the office. Since we have immunocompromised clients and family we will continue to implement all protocols to keep everyone safe. COVID-19 can stay in the air, inside buildings for HOURS after someone who has it has been there and breathed. 

What we need from you:

WEAR A MASK to the office. (This cannot be one with a valve.)

BRING YOUR OWN WATER WITH YOU.  We are reducing surfaces that can be touched, like magazines and pens, and this includes the water cooler. 

Text your practitioner when you arrive and stay in your car until we contact you with instructions since we don’t want anyone sitting in the waiting room or clients overlapping. 

If you need to use the bathroom before we text you back, you may do that (of course), but do not come into our office.  We don’t have enough space to keep people six feet apart when more than one person is there. The  bathroom code is “1200” if it’s locked

We are employing touchless payments by emailing invoices if you did not prepay online.

If for ANY reason either you need to cancel because you even SUSPECT that you have had a COVID-19 exposure or have any symptoms, even at the last minute, PLEASE CANCEL IMMEDIATELY, and you will NOT be charged.  Safety first!!

Office protocols:

All clients and practitioners will be required to wear masks at all times while in the office.  (Not the kind with valves.)

Each treatment room has an Air Doctor  HEPA filter air purifier.

Practitioners are scheduling extra time between clients to avoid close contact. This system isn’t perfect, so occasionally we might run late. This is why you must stay in your car and await instructions.

We will be cleaning and disinfecting between clients for all surfaces that were touched or could be touched, like chairs, counters, doorknobs, etc.

We have waterproof covers on pillows and massage tables to allow for thorough sterilizing.

We always wash all linens after they have been touched (including blankets).

We always wash our hands up past our elbows before and after every session.