The function of fat cells

Contrary to popular belief, fat is not the enemy. Fat cells (adipocytes) are actually an important component of a healthy, functioning body. In addition to overall insulation and energy storage,  research over the last 30+ years now views fat (adipose tissue) as a metabolically dynamic organ, serving as an endocrine organ, crucial for the following: 

  • whole body metabolism
  • nerve functioning
  • blood pressure
  • immune system functioning
  • thyroid function
  • reproduction
  • housing stem cells

health of cell membranes

  • nutritional storage and uptake
  • hormone production and storage
  • assists the liver in processing, removing fat, and detoxification

From left to right, magnified fat cells before Zerona, during the treatment process, and afterwards. Fat cells remain alive, intact, and healthy.   Erchonia – All rights reserved.