Pricing depends on how many sessions you need, and since individual results vary based on many factors, we cannot know ahead of time how many sessions you will need to achieve your desired results. However, based on our experience, here is a starting place so you can estimate what you may want to do:

If you’re trying to lose approximately (pounds/inches):
* Up to 5 lbs and/or 3 total inches – begin with 6 sessions
* 6-10 lbs and/or 4-6 total inches – begin with 12 sessions
* 11-15 lbs and/or 7-8 total inches – begin with 18 sessions
* 16-20 lbs and/or 9-10 total inches – begin with 24 sessions
* More than 20 lbs and/or more than 10 total inches – begin with 30 sessions. 
If you hit your goal before you use all of your sessions, you may cancel the rest of any scheduled sessions with no fee, and you will not be charged. If you pre-paid you will be reimbursed for any unused sessions. 

We have found that cisgendered men lose faster than cisgendered women, as they typically do with dieting. You can expect your results to be similar to how you typically lose weight when you diet. The more fat you have to lose, the longer it will take to see results. Be patient.  

We have also observed that some people lose slower than others, or that the weight loss or inch loss goes in spurts. While we don’t exactly know why, there are differences in genetics, hormones, overall health, general diet, exercise levels, and perhaps even the type of fat that each of us have. So PLEASE be patient if you are one of those people, and let us know your concerns and let us help you.

Although we do not find BMI charts to be relevant or accurate, Erchonia (developer and manufacturer of Zerona Z6) recommends the following as a starting point to estimate how many sessions you will want. We think it’s too low based on the average client that we see, as indicated:

* For BMI 18.5 – 25, begin by receiving 6 sessions. 
(We find 6-12 to be more accurate.)
* For BMI of 25-35, begin by receiving 9 treatments.
(We find 12-24 to be more accurate.)
* For BMI over 35, begin by receiving 12 treatments.
(We find 24-36 to be more accurate.)

* Additional sessions can always safely be added, and you can safely stop at any time.

Since studies show that the best results from the Zerona Z6 laser occur when assisted by lymphatic flushing, we pair every laser session with lymphatic focused massage. We want you to get the most out of each treatment, making your time, energy, and money worth it. Other providers may not do this.

All laser sessions are 40 minutes in length. Plus the lymphatic flushing massage is 30-40 minutes in length. Plan on being at the office for 2 hours.

Introductory Package

$ 1,850
  • Initial consultation
  • 6 laser sessions
  • 6 lymphatic massage sessions
  • Follow up consultation
  • Save $50 when you pay up front.

Single Treatments *

$ 275
  • 1 laser session
  • 1 lymphatic massage session
  • * Only available after completing an Introductory Package.

If you’d like to add extra lymphatic massage between your laser sessions  with either James or Danyele, schedule below. These are not be necessary, but we wanted to make them available for those who want them.

The initial consultation is to determine whether or not the Zerona Z6 is a good fit for you, to rule out contra-indications, and to ensure that you have realistic expectations of the outcome.

No one will be turned away unless there is a health concern.

´╗┐´╗┐Prices subject to change without notice. 

The lymphatic drainage massage will be done in our office immediately following the laser session. This will not replace any other massage you already receive, as you can safely do both.

Massage time will vary based on your particular needs to maximize your sessions. 

Please contact Jenny if you have any questions.