For many people, weight loss is a daily fight, taking both a physical and emotional toll, going on for years and years, and with little to no measurable results. We try everything including exercise, diet restriction, starvation, eliminating foods, and weighing and measuring endlessly, all to achieve what amounts to be unattainable weight loss. 

There is a popular misconception, even a medical model, that says if we just work harder, do THIS  diet, do THAT exercise, we will lose weight. This message comes at us from every direction, at every age and state of life, and yet for many of us, those promised results never materialize. The truth is that diet and exercise are not the only solutions for many people who struggle with stubborn fat. I am one of those people. 

Society teaches us that fat and shame are synonymous. Even otherwise thin people, who retain small pockets of stubborn fat or cellulite, confide in me how ashamed they are of their bodies. The sad cultural reality is that body fat carries a stigma. It is judged by those with it, and by those without it. 

Fat can physically obstruct healthy movement and activities, making it even harder to DO the exercise we all know is healthy for us, regardless of its effect on weight loss. As one example, many people with fat on their inner thighs find it difficult, even painful to walk due to both friction and the thickness of their legs. It is common for people with this issue to develop an injurious movement pattern of “walking around” their own inner thighs. This can cause structural problems leading to pain in their hips, knees, ankles, and feet, leading to further issues in their low back and up their entire spine, all of which makes it even harder to move and exercise.

My experience has also shown me how fat can impede overall well-being, making it that much harder to take the actions needed to get healthier.

Research has shown that the “apple” body shape (thicker around the middle, thinner legs) correlates highly with heart disease, and we all know that belly fat is extraordinarily difficult to lose. This knowledge paired with the frustration only adds stress, which ALSO correlates highly with heart issues.

Fat makes it hard to fit into clothing necessary for exercise. My own experience shopping for sports bras taught me that a long time ago.

There is also a high emotional cost when we do everything we can and we still can’t lose the unwanted inches or pounds. We can feel angry, frustrated, hopeless, and depressed. Many people suffer from eating disorders, furthering the downward spiral.

We can become paralyzed with a sense of inequity: “Why do I struggle with something that comes easily to others?”  This can lead to giving up entirely, neglecting other lifestyle choices that lead to overall health benefits.

For years I’ve believed that there would eventually be science to explain the problem and help with the solution. And now there is.

The Zerona Z6 laser allows us to easily reduce the stubborn subcutaneous fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. It will not replace a healthy lifestyle or treat obesity. But the Zerona IS another tool in your toolbox, helping you realize your body’s potential, thus allowing you to present yourself in your  Best Light.

I have always encouraged my clients to feel at home in their body and to appreciate how much of it is working, regardless of the limitations they have or perceive. The human body is a beautiful and magical instrument that we get to use to navigate this amazing world.