Welcome Zerona!

Research has  proven  the Zerona effective in multiple double-blind, clinical trials. Efficacy is not based on diet, exercise, or use of supplements.  

We are delighted to bring the advanced technology of the Zerona Z6 laser to metro Portland!!   

The Zerona Z6 low level laser is unique in that it’s the only type of non-invasive or nonsurgical body contouring or body sculpting procedure that doesn’t harm the body by killing fat cells, which are essential for our overall health.   There is also no pain or sensations of any kind during the procedure, and no adverse side effects afterwards at all. 

This unique process safely, effectively, and painlessly emulsifies (liquifies) superficial fat cells in areas that are resistant to change from diet and exercise.   The body then  eliminates this fat through normal metabolic processes via the lymphatic system. 

Since the Zerona laser treatments rely on your lymphatic system, every laser session includes lymphatic massage to enhance the lymphatic flushing.

This method is NOT intended as a treatment for obesity, does NOT address visceral fat, and is not recommended for people with a BMI of LESS Than 18.5. 

Number of treatments necessary, spacing of treatments, and results vary based on many factors.  Speak to one of us to learn more.

The Zerona in action!